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Am I My Mother?

When I was young I thought my mother had a boring life.  She was a stay at home mother while we children were young.  Then when I was in junior high school, mom became a secretary.  She had various secretarial … Continue reading

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Is Dad a Hoarder?

Often dad would go “shopping” at the dump with his cousin. He came home one day and said: “Cousin skinny and I are going to the dump – does anybody want anything?” His youngest sister said” “Get me a doll”. And my uncle told me: “Darned if he didn’t find her a doll!” Continue reading

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Making Videos from Old Movies with Dad

Once dad became interested in computers, we had a lot to talk about.  Before that, he was pretty much into fixing things and that was kind of “man stuff”.  But after dad became interested in computers, he often asked me … Continue reading

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Memoir: My Parents’ First House – The early years

Dad and 2 of his brothers each bought a house. My uncle joked about the 30-year mortgage. Someday, he said, when we’re old, we’ll say (and he put on a shaky old man voice) “Well, we finally paid off the mortgage”. Thirty years was longer than they had even lived by that point. It was hard to imagine being that old and having the mortgage paid off! Continue reading

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Dad, Alzheimer’s and Dementia and Computer Games

Immediately dad taught himself how to use that computer. After his recovery he went to flea markets and garage sales and bought other used computers and parts. Soon he learned how to replace memory cards, reformat hard drives and replace parts. He was on his way to a new retirement hobby that kept him busy for many years to come. The only bad part was that he became a collector of computer parts and programs that soon filled up about 1/3 the garage at home, and his closet in his winter mobile home. Continue reading

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Mom, Line Dancing and Memories

Mom always loved to sing as she worked around the house.  Whether she was cooking or cleaning, she would also be singing or humming a song.  She really didn’t have any musical talent.  She wasn’t always even singing in tune, … Continue reading

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Caregiver Stress Relief

Being a caregiver for an elderly person with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or any serious illness can be very stressful.  Many of us are the primary person responsible for decisions for our family members.  Even when the family member is … Continue reading

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