MEDCO Again! Frustrating Experiences Caring for Dad.

Medco has been a problem to me for a long time.  They are not responsive to inquiries or complaints and rarely send a written response to a phone question or a letter.  In February I received a letter from Medco saying they use the “Worry-free Fills program to automatically refill medication even when you are out of refills.  In this letter they named a medication and said they would telephone his physician to renew it for another year.


I immediately telephoned Medco and asked that they please NOT call my father’s previous physician from a year ago.  In the past year dad moved from the south to the north and changed physicians.  He was hospitalized and many of his medications were changed.  He obviously does not still see the physician he was seeing a year ago in the south.

Medco assured me that they had recorded this in his file and they wouldn’t send that prescription.  They assured me they would wait for a telephone call from his ALF before renewing any prescriptions.

Less than a month later, in March, I received another letter from Medco.  Again they told me about this wonderful “Worry-free Fills program” that would automatically call his physician from a year ago and renew another prescription.  Again I telephoned them and again they assured me that they would not renew this prescription as I was fairly sure he was not taking this medication any more.

In late March my son called to tell me dad had received a new prescription.  I assumed it was something the Assisted Living Facility had phoned in and put a note in my calendar to check on it when I got home. 

When I got home from my winter vacation, I found a credit card bill showing a Medco charge of $90 for medication sent in March.  I went to the assisted Living Facility and asked to speak with the woman in charge of medications.  She said they had NOT ordered any medications for dad in March.  In fact, one medication from Medco did arrive.  Since dad did not need it, they merely filed it in a drawer.


 In addition, last fall when dad was in the hospital, the ALF had given me all of dad’s medications.  I brought back the ones he needed after he returned to the ALF and kept the rest with me in case they were prescribed again in the future.  Now, at this point I have 3 bottles of this medication at $90 each or almost $300 worth of a medication dad was not taking!

Naturally I called Medco again last week when I found out they had sent the medication and charged dad for it even after they assured me they would not.  I demanded an immediate refund.  Medco gave me a hard time and spent over an hour on the telephone with me.  First they insisted I didn’t have the papers on file to talk about dad’s medical information.  I do and finally they agreed to talk about things that I bring up.  Then they asked who I talked to previously and searched to find something in their files.  At last, they found a record of a phone call in February and promised to “investigate” and get back to me.

“You are going to investigate yourself?”  I asked incredulously?  How would that help?  Well, they said they will send an envelope for me to return the 3rd bottle of pills IF they find it was their error.  I told them I will notify the credit card issuer to take back the money if they do not issue a refund.  They said it would take a week and it has now almost been a week.  I have not yet heard back from Medco.

I asked what I am supposed to do with 9 months worth of medications dad is not taking.  They said to “dissolve them in water and throw them away”.  I said: “Are you CRAZY?”  You want me to throw away $300 worth of medications?”  I want to be paid for them and to return them to Medco.  I think the best I might do is to get reimbursed for the 3rd bottle and then only after hours of fighting on my time.  At the very least, I’d like to find a way to donate those pills.  I hate to think about people who can’t afford to buy them at all.

What do you think?  Will they call me back and tell me they are issuing a refund?  Will they stonewall again?  I have already downloaded the from the credit card issuer so I can file for a refund.  I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use it.  I am giving them only a few more days before I fill this out and send it in.  It is more work on my part, but at this point, it looks like Medco is stonewalling again.  Tomorrow is the day I have to call them.  Wish me luck!


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I am a retired and was the primary caregiver for both my parents before they passed. I have children and grandchildren. This blog is an attempt to connect with other caregivers and share ideas and experiences. I hope you will let me know what worked for you if you had an experience similar to mine. The main issues I am going to talk about are elder care, death and dying, assisted living, family relationships and hoarders and hoarding. Other topics will come up as I address the issues and my relationship with other family members.
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11 Responses to MEDCO Again! Frustrating Experiences Caring for Dad.

  1. This sounds extremely frustrating. Good luck with getting any money back. These companies don’t like to refund, that’s for sure!

    • Thanks! I will need a lot of luck and hard work too. It just galls me that they decide to renew old prescriptions on their own and won’t stop even when I call and tell them to stop. It should be obvious that if he lives hundreds of miles away then he can’t be seeing the same doctor as he was a year ago!

  2. kimjoy24 says:

    Sounds like a real pain. We had a bunch of leftover medications after my dad passed and a company is supposed to send my mom a special mailer so she can send all of the meds back to them and they could dispose of them safely. Who knows what they actually do with them.

    • Yes, safe disposal is important, especially for out of date medications. We don’t want them to end up in groundwater from a landfill or for a child to find them and eat them. But if they are new, I’d rather find a way to give them to someone without insurance than to dump them. Thanks for your comment.

  3. terry1954 says:

    i feel for you. i have had so many experiences with insurance companies it makes me sick. the one thing is they won’t refuse your money, and they did that because it brought in more money. the system sucks, and i hope you get your money back somehow.

  4. PROGRESS — I think! I telephoned Medco this afternoon after not hearing back for a week. I had an inside number for the “grievance line” which I used instead of their regular phone number. I talked to a very nice lady and learned that the refund is in process and they have sent a mailer to have me return the medications. In addition, I told her my problem in that they still do not recognize me as his personal representative. She said if I faxed my confirmation papers from the Post Office from when I sent it in (April 2011) and the pages from the form, then she will see to it that this is recorded in his file. That would be WONDERFUL if I didn’t have to argue every time I call to speak about his problems!

    Thank you all for your support.

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