Health Checkup and Discussion of Dad’s Health

I saw my physician the other day for my annual checkup and to continue follow up to some chronic issues.  We talked about my blood labs and the fact that many of my blood tests were not in the normal range.  I am to see my specialist soon to follow up on that.  It is a careful dance to balance my blood pressure medications with the other things they seem to effect.

I said I need to finish all my follow up with all the specialists soon as I don’t like to drive in the winter months and I will be going away for more than a month after the holidays.  She looked a bit surprised by that and asked who would be on call to handle problems with dad.  I told her I would come back if something serious happened but in the meantime my son also is a health care surrogate for dad.  That made her feel better as she pointed out that dad is in his mid-90’s now and anything could happen at any time.

She then mentioned that I seem much less stressed about dad than I was a year ago.  I said yes, he has been gaining weight and I have more things settled in a routine now that he has been here well over a year.  He hasn’t suffered any serious illness lately and I am more relaxed when I don’t get all those emergency telephone calls.

As we concluded our conversation I said I was still concerned about the blood tests and would try moving my next specialist appointment closer so I can start any follow up tests and procedures before the weather gets bad.  She ended with a comment that has been running through my mind ever since I left her office.

She said I shouldn’t worry because after all “Your health is very good for your age.”  OK.  So I felt like I just aged 10 or 20 years with that one remark!  Honestly I would like to stabilize my health for this age and the next 20 years or more!  I’m older than I used to be, and I’m retired now but I’m not that old!

About letstalkaboutfamily

I am a retired and was the primary caregiver for both my parents before they passed. I have children and grandchildren. This blog is an attempt to connect with other caregivers and share ideas and experiences. I hope you will let me know what worked for you if you had an experience similar to mine. The main issues I am going to talk about are elder care, death and dying, assisted living, family relationships and hoarders and hoarding. Other topics will come up as I address the issues and my relationship with other family members.
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6 Responses to Health Checkup and Discussion of Dad’s Health

  1. camsgranny says:

    I’ve followed you for awhile, and I am glad to see that you have “calmed” down a bit. As for the doctor and the tests, settle down, we are all getting older…:), and I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by it, Sometimes us Caregivers “read” stuff into it. And by the way, No, you are not old at all, it’s just a state of mind…

    • Thanks, Camsegranny! I decided she is younger herself and sees me different than I see myself. I think no matter how old I am, I always feel the same age — ageless in a sense, with the same goals for myself,

  2. terry1954 says:

    this doctor sure has a way with words,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • That was my reaction. ;). And then I wondered if I had been saying similar things to mom 20 years ago. It has always seemed to me that mom was old, as no matter what age I was, she was always 20 years older!

      • terry1954 says:

        it is amazing at how we realize age is a number as we get older, and each year we think that our own age is not really as old as it seemed ten years ago

      • Amazing but true. I realized awhile ago that anything that happened before we were born was “the old days” an really history but anything that happened after we were born was really “not that long ago” no matter how old we are!

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