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Neighbors Helping Neighbors and When That Isn’t Enough…

Recently “Sarah”, a woman who lived alone in my neighborhood, fell and was unable to get up. Luckily a friend hadn’t seen her outside and began to worry about her.  The friend rang the doorbell but heard no response.  Then she walked … Continue reading

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Follow-Up on Dad’s Dizzy Spells

Last week I wrote about how I had asked to have someone evaluate dad’s dizzy spells and confusion in a post called “Watching Over Dad”.  As a result of my phone call to dad’s doctor, a home health nurse was … Continue reading

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Travel Assistance for Older Adults

A while back I wrote about putting grab bars in my bathroom to help prevent falls in a post called “Making Home Safer For Seniors”.  I recommend that everyone do this when they feel the need.  Sometimes we equate such things … Continue reading

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Watching over Dad

I took a few weeks off my blog and actually traveled to see family members in other cities.  I had a good time away and got to spend some quality time with many of my grandchildren.  It is hard to … Continue reading

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