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First Car – Last Car: Independence Gained and Lost (A story of Daddy and Me)

I may have written previously about how dad took me to take my first driver’s license test.  He had also taken me out to practice driving a few times before I took the test.  I don’t know if I mentioned that … Continue reading

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High School Graduation Memory Books

When my oldest daughter graduated from high school, over 25 years ago I found myself in a bit of a quandary.  I wanted to give her something very special to mark the occasion.  When I had graduated high school more … Continue reading

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Summertime Memories

On hot days like today, I think about my memories of mom and dad at their house in the north.  Typically I would visit them each summer in early July as I got an extra vacation day for the 4th.  Generally … Continue reading

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Grandpa My Mom’s Gonna Kill Me! Grandfather and Grandson Relationship

My father had seven grandchildren.  But, he had only one grandson.  Dad always wished my brother would do the boy and his father things with him.  Dad liked to fish, bowl, watch baseball games, and go hunting.  My brother didn’t … Continue reading

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Thank You – For Sunshine and More: The Sunshine Award and a Tribute to a D-Day Soldier

A special Thank you tonight for Gary at “Hoarding Woes and You” who nominated me for the Sunshine Award in a special way today.  I get a lot of inspiration from Gary who has been working tirelessly to clean up … Continue reading

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Memories of my Father

Lately I have been trying to draw dad out into more discussions as he usually sits so quietly in his chair.  I asked him about his mother and grandmother on Mother’s Day.  He said he didn’t remember doing special activities … Continue reading

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Dad’s Wheels

Dad’s first car was a Model T Ford which he had in the 1940’s.  It had a button on the floor that you pressed to start the car, rather than a key.  He was mechanically inclined and probably enjoyed working … Continue reading

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