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Settling Dad’s Estate

I haven’t posted for awhile so it is time for me to get back on track. I returned home from my Southern vacation three weeks ago. Unfortunately, I caught a bug while flying I think and ended up with a … Continue reading

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After Dad’s Passing

Dad passed away in his hospice on a Sunday evening. My children and I went back one last time to see dad and pack up his belongings about 8:30 that evening. After we left, hospice personnel called the undertaker who … Continue reading

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Dad’s Last Days in Hospice

Last time I wrote about dad’s hospice. As I mentioned, he slept through most of his first day there. The next few days he was awake and aware of his surroundings more, though he didn’t speak at all. He did … Continue reading

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Planning Ahead: Learning More about Hospice and Insurance Coverage

Today the temperatures are in the upper 90’s so after my visit with dad I decided it would be an indoor day.  I still have my long “To-Do” list that I have been slowly making my way through.  The next … Continue reading

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Mom, Line Dancing and Memories

Mom always loved to sing as she worked around the house.  Whether she was cooking or cleaning, she would also be singing or humming a song.  She really didn’t have any musical talent.  She wasn’t always even singing in tune, … Continue reading

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Planning ahead for Dad’s “Final Arrangements”

When dad went into the nursing home after his hospitalization last fall, I had lots of papers to fill out.  One form they wanted me to complete immediately was about the details of his funeral arrangements.  Actually, Ruby Court, the … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Emergency Room Leads to a Discussion of End-of-Life Decisions

I have written about dad’s hospitalization before, in a sort of summarized version of 2 months worth of events. Today I am going to focus on the discussions about end of life care with dad’s physician that resulted from this emergency…..

I asked her how dad’s medical wishes would be followed according to the forms he had completed with the lawyer. I said I was afraid things would move too fast in this hospital the way they did for mom in the southern hospital. She said dad needed to complete a standard state DNR form to put in his medical record. She then filled out the paperwork and gave it to me to bring to the hospital so they would have the forms in his file….

There are legal differences between an “admission” and an “observation patient”. If he were admitted, he would have certain rights under Medicare that he did not get as an observation patient. Continue reading

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