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Protecting the Caregiver’s Health and Planning for Contingencies

As a caregiver, I find I always put dad’s needs before my own.  When I have to make medical appointments, I make the first available appointment with the optometrist or general physician for dad and the next available appointment for … Continue reading

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Health Checkup and Discussion of Dad’s Health

I saw my physician the other day for my annual checkup and to continue follow up to some chronic issues.  We talked about my blood labs and the fact that many of my blood tests were not in the normal … Continue reading

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How to Talk to Your Parent’s Doctor

Some of you have asked how you can speak with your parent’s physician or go to the doctor’s office with them.  This all depends on the age and mental capacity of your parents.  If your parents are young and/or mentally able … Continue reading

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In the hospital – The First Focus was on Rehab.

At first I expected mom would be discharged soon, relearn to walk and go back to her Assisted Living Facility with dad, so I chose the first older rehab facility. Later, when mom’s condition worsened and it looked like she would have multiple health problems even after discharge, I changed my preference to the 2nd, more modern facility.

Mom’s condition continued to worsen and I spent most of each day trying to see the various doctors and respond to the crisis of the day. One day one of the nurses said to me: “Honey, you’re never going to be able to bring your mother home. The best you can hope for is to get her to the rehab center.” Continue reading

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Looking Back; Looking Forward. Part 2

When dad was discharged from the hospital, there was a mountain of paperwork to fill out.  I felt like I was buying a house there were so many papers to be signed.  Was I opposed to this discharge?  Did we … Continue reading

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MEDCO, Phone Calls and Letters – the Other Part of Caregiving.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t even have time to spend with dad because I am so overwhelmed with the weight of all the tasks to be done. About two years ago, mom started having difficulty paying bills due to … Continue reading

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