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How to Talk to Your Parent’s Doctor

Some of you have asked how you can speak with your parent’s physician or go to the doctor’s office with them.  This all depends on the age and mental capacity of your parents.  If your parents are young and/or mentally able … Continue reading

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Who is my Father’s Doctor? How Can I Get Information about his Condition?

An emergency room visit led to hospitalization for my father. It took me several days to determine who my father’s doctor was. I had a hard time tracking him down. His attending physician seemed to be around only in the very early morning or late evening hours. I needed to talk to his physician in order to obtain any information including the diagnosis, prognosis, planned tests or procedures and what would be the circumstances of his discharge. Continue reading

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Using FMLA and EAP to provide Eldercare from a Distance

So far I have written about more recent events.  Today I am going back to when I was working and the difficulty of working thousands of miles from my parents.  One major event occurred while I was en-route to visit … Continue reading

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