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The Silver Quill Blogger Award: Thank You

I have been nominated for �The Silver Quill Blogger Award�, by Camsgrammy and also by Terre Mirsch. I have been flowing Camsgrammy�s blog at http://camsgranny.wordpress.com/� for a few months now.� I am always amazed at the number of things she … Continue reading

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Family Dynamics, Hoarding, and Caring for Dad

This week my sister and brother came to see dad.  It has been years since the 3 of us were in the same place at the same time.  My brother was here a year ago when we had the memorial … Continue reading

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It Looks Like a Hoarder House!

I have been home from my winter vacation for just a few weeks.  Already I am frustrated by my lack of progress on my list of things that need to be done.  I live in a small house in a … Continue reading

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Is Dad a Hoarder?

Often dad would go “shopping” at the dump with his cousin. He came home one day and said: “Cousin skinny and I are going to the dump – does anybody want anything?” His youngest sister said” “Get me a doll”. And my uncle told me: “Darned if he didn’t find her a doll!” Continue reading

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A Hoarder in the House

No one used to talk about hoarders. They were just messy people with clutter all around– an embarrassment to the family. My brother(BR) is a hoarder. He has lived in my parents’ house for over 20 years. Mom complained constantly … Continue reading

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