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Dad’s Heart Attack Hospitalization

Last time I wrote about dad’s heart attack which occurred almost immediately after I left home for a winter vacation. Dad was admitted into the hospital because he had a second heart attack while in the emergency room. Dad’s nurse … Continue reading

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A Frail Independent Mentally Alert 94-Year Old Woman – Who Decides Where She Should Live?

My 94-year-old neighbor, Casey. is one of the most active people I know.  She is up and in her garden early in the morning before I am even out of bed.  She belongs to 4 bridge groups and plays many … Continue reading

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Mom, Line Dancing and Memories

Mom always loved to sing as she worked around the house.  Whether she was cooking or cleaning, she would also be singing or humming a song.  She really didn’t have any musical talent.  She wasn’t always even singing in tune, … Continue reading

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The Hospital Maze – Family Physician, Hospitalist and Specialists

Mom’s recovery was complicated by many factors. She was originally expected to be discharged within a week, but then required a second surgery, and had multiple unexpected problems. Soon she was followed by a family physician, 2 surgical groups, a physical therapist, a nephrologist, a urologist, a cardiologist, an oncologist, and a pulmonologist who was also the hospitalist for the intensive care unit. I had a hard time getting information about mom’s condition and prognosis until I learned to work with this maze of physicians. This lack of effective communication between myself as mom’s health care surrogate and the physicians left me with a lasting sense of failure as I was unable to prepare dad for mom’s impending death. Continue reading

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Looking Back; Looking Forward. Part 1

Dad has been living in assisted living facilities since mom passed away over a year ago. At first he stayed in the unit he shared with mom. I temporarily stayed nearby so I could be sure he was all right … Continue reading

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