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A Small Nursing Home – the Small House Concept

Today I visited another small nursing home.  This one is actually made of several cottages with 20 residents in each.  Each cottage is divided into two wings with 2 kitchens, two television rooms, and ten private rooms off the center … Continue reading

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Dementia and Physical Therapy: Medicare Requirements

Three days after dad entered the nursing home, I was given written notice that Medicare would not be paying for his nursing home care. I requested clarification as he had come directly from the hospital and I expected he would go back to his assisted living facility after a short term rehabilitation period. It seemed the nursing home had different ideas.

Since dad was able to privately pay for his stay, they planned for him to get long-term custodial care at the nursing home. They did not expect him to be discharged – EVER! …. they said, (1) dad refused physical therapy and (2) the physical therapists determined that “He would NOT BENEFIT from physical therapy”. And Medicare will only pay if the patient is improving from the therapy. So, without even trying, they made the decision at he wouldn’t get physical therapy. Continue reading

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Living in an Assisted Living Facility

For several months, I stayed in the same long term facility as my father after mom passed away. This gave me the opportunity to observe the daily life in an assisted living facility. I learned that the staff really cared about the residents and gave the type of care I wanted him to have. I saw residents participate in optional activities such as trips to malls, grocery stores and restaurants. Even with dad’s Alzheimer’s disease he was happy and functioned well in this environment.

I felt that dad adjusted very well to assisted living right from the start, and I credited the well trained staff for much of that. I was very thankful that dad was already in an assisted living facility when mom fell. I don’t know how I would have taken care of his needs while simultaneously tending to mom’s needs and all the medical decisions that came along with her steep decline. Even mom repeatedly stated how glad she was that dad was taken care of. “God was watching over us”, she said. Continue reading

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How to Move Your Parents into an Assisted Living Facility

Moving your parents into an assisted living facility takes advance planning. You can begin at any time to prepare yourself to choose a facility and be ready to move your parents when the time is right. The more planning you do before the crisis, the easier it will be to follow through with a move that will meet your parents’ needs. Mom may be ready before you expect her to agree or maybe something will happen to mom or dad that will cause a crisis leading to the need for an immediate move to assisted living. Either way, you can be prepared. Continue reading

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A Large Assisted Living Facility – Advantages and Disadvantages

In my last post, I described how I finally was able to move mom and dad to an assisted living facility (ALF).  They did very well in their new home, though it took at least a month for them to adjust … Continue reading

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