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Helping Parents with Medicare Payment Errors

This post will be useful only for American readers today since it is about the American Medicare system. In the last few years of mom’s life, she had a lot of difficulty following up with errors in medical billing. By … Continue reading

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Dementia and Physical Therapy: Medicare Requirements

Three days after dad entered the nursing home, I was given written notice that Medicare would not be paying for his nursing home care. I requested clarification as he had come directly from the hospital and I expected he would go back to his assisted living facility after a short term rehabilitation period. It seemed the nursing home had different ideas.

Since dad was able to privately pay for his stay, they planned for him to get long-term custodial care at the nursing home. They did not expect him to be discharged – EVER! …. they said, (1) dad refused physical therapy and (2) the physical therapists determined that “He would NOT BENEFIT from physical therapy”. And Medicare will only pay if the patient is improving from the therapy. So, without even trying, they made the decision at he wouldn’t get physical therapy. Continue reading

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