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Lunch Out with Dad on a Beautiful Day

A few days after I had to take dad to the doctor in the rain, the sun came out and the temperatures were way above average.  I was visiting dad and told him how beautiful it was out.  I suggested … Continue reading

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Becoming More Like My Mother

There is much I have always admired about my mother.  She was the one who took care of the banking and bill paying.  She planned ahead for large medical expenses and secretly saved enough to cover the bills (because dad … Continue reading

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Am I My Mother?

When I was young I thought my mother had a boring life.  She was a stay at home mother while we children were young.  Then when I was in junior high school, mom became a secretary.  She had various secretarial … Continue reading

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Memoir: My Parents’ First House – The early years

Dad and 2 of his brothers each bought a house. My uncle joked about the 30-year mortgage. Someday, he said, when we’re old, we’ll say (and he put on a shaky old man voice) “Well, we finally paid off the mortgage”. Thirty years was longer than they had even lived by that point. It was hard to imagine being that old and having the mortgage paid off! Continue reading

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Mom, Line Dancing and Memories

Mom always loved to sing as she worked around the house.  Whether she was cooking or cleaning, she would also be singing or humming a song.  She really didn’t have any musical talent.  She wasn’t always even singing in tune, … Continue reading

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Last Minute Funeral Arrangements Cause Many Problems

Mom passed away far from her permanent home. We had no plans for an out-of-state death and had to make arrangements immediately after the death. We chose an inexpensive funeral home and paid dearly in time and aggravation for that choice. A funeral home does more than arrange for the funeral service and cremation. They also help the family with the obituary, obtain the death certificates and guide the family through the myriad of activities necessary after a death. The funeral home we chose failed us at our time of need and added to our grief. I tell about what we did after mom passed away and how it made things difficult for us. Continue reading

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Informed Consent Decisions in the Hospital — How to Know When to Say “NO”.

Starting with the very first day I was there, doctors were asking me to sign “informed consent” forms for various procedures. Each form explained the risks and benefits, but it was hard for me to take it all in – in context with mom’s current condition and prognosis. For one thing, I had no clear idea of either her condition or her prognosis and couldn’t get the doctors to spell it out for me. How could I give “informed consent” when I wasn’t really “informed” about the implications of the procedure?

I felt like there wasn’t enough focus on mom’s quality of life and her prognosis. If there were little likelihood of her recovery, we would make different decisions. We would opt for less invasive treatment and more “comfort care”. My problem was that I didn’t know where to draw the line when the doctor asked for “consent”… Continue reading

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