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Is Dad a Hoarder?

Often dad would go “shopping” at the dump with his cousin. He came home one day and said: “Cousin skinny and I are going to the dump – does anybody want anything?” His youngest sister said” “Get me a doll”. And my uncle told me: “Darned if he didn’t find her a doll!” Continue reading

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I Didn’t Come Here to Dust!

A few years ago, a work colleague told me about helping her mother move into an independent living facility.  One day my friend mentioned to her mother that she should have fewer knickknacks as they just gather dust.  Her mother … Continue reading

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Moving My Father to a Smaller Assisted Living Facility Closer to my House

Dad experienced several major life changes in less than a year. First he moved into his first assisted living facility (ALF) at the Gardens with mom. Then after just 4 months there, mom passed away. …

He had never lived before in the community where I live. However, there was a nice assisted living facility near my home and he felt comfortable about that. …

I am glad that I chose this smaller ALF for dad for many reasons. In some ways, the advantages of a smaller facility made it easier for him to learn his way around, to get to know the staff and for the staff to get to know him. ….

The disadvantage of a smaller facility to me might also be a consideration in making a decision. The biggest disadvantage that I have seen is that there are so few medical staff. At the Gardens there was a 24 hour nursing staff with multiple nurses available all the time…. Continue reading

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Flying with a Parent with Alzheimer’s Disease

Now that mom had passed away, how would I bring dad home by myself? Before flying, I wanted to be totally prepared for anything that might go wrong….

Read how I prepared for this flight and learn how you can too.

All that preparation paid off for us. Dad didn’t wear Depends, but did wear his US Marine’s hat. That and the fact that he was in his mid-90’s got him lots of special thanks and attention. As we went through the security line, we were directed to a special line for those with special needs. All the uniformed screeners shook dad’s hand and thanked him for his service to his country. They asked if he could walk through the scanner and he did. Otherwise he stayed in his wheelchair and the three of us got through security in record time. I was amazed. And thankful! Continue reading

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How to Move Your Parents into an Assisted Living Facility

Moving your parents into an assisted living facility takes advance planning. You can begin at any time to prepare yourself to choose a facility and be ready to move your parents when the time is right. The more planning you do before the crisis, the easier it will be to follow through with a move that will meet your parents’ needs. Mom may be ready before you expect her to agree or maybe something will happen to mom or dad that will cause a crisis leading to the need for an immediate move to assisted living. Either way, you can be prepared. Continue reading

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Adjusting to an Assisted Living Facility — The first Few Months

As I wrote earlier in Sentinel Event – The Crisis that Changed Everything, mom had been to the emergency room with dehydration and hallucinations which led to the recommendation that mom and dad immediately move to an assisted living facility … Continue reading

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Moving My Parents to an Assisted Living Facility

Mom and dad finally agreed to move to an assisted living facility (ALF).  I had been trying for several years to convince them this was the right thing to do, but as noted in my previous post (Sentinel Event: The … Continue reading

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