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Who is my Father’s Doctor? How Can I Get Information about his Condition?

An emergency room visit led to hospitalization for my father. It took me several days to determine who my father’s doctor was. I had a hard time tracking him down. His attending physician seemed to be around only in the very early morning or late evening hours. I needed to talk to his physician in order to obtain any information including the diagnosis, prognosis, planned tests or procedures and what would be the circumstances of his discharge. Continue reading

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A Trip to the Emergency Room Leads to a Discussion of End-of-Life Decisions

I have written about dad’s hospitalization before, in a sort of summarized version of 2 months worth of events. Today I am going to focus on the discussions about end of life care with dad’s physician that resulted from this emergency…..

I asked her how dad’s medical wishes would be followed according to the forms he had completed with the lawyer. I said I was afraid things would move too fast in this hospital the way they did for mom in the southern hospital. She said dad needed to complete a standard state DNR form to put in his medical record. She then filled out the paperwork and gave it to me to bring to the hospital so they would have the forms in his file….

There are legal differences between an “admission” and an “observation patient”. If he were admitted, he would have certain rights under Medicare that he did not get as an observation patient. Continue reading

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