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Why am I Doing This? Why Do I spend My Time and Energy Helping Dad?

While I was away on vacation, my son forwarded my mail to me in a weekly package which arrived the same day each week.  During that day, and even the day before, I would be stressed just knowing that problems … Continue reading

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Young Children and the Elderly: Assisted Living Facility Visits

Every Sunday little George goes with his dad to visit his great-grandfather at his Assisted Living Facility.  Sometimes great-grandpa is in the lounge area with many other elderly people.  This is what he loves the best.  There are many elderly … Continue reading

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Making Videos from Old Movies with Dad

Once dad became interested in computers, we had a lot to talk about.  Before that, he was pretty much into fixing things and that was kind of “man stuff”.  But after dad became interested in computers, he often asked me … Continue reading

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Memoir: My Parents’ First House – The early years

Dad and 2 of his brothers each bought a house. My uncle joked about the 30-year mortgage. Someday, he said, when we’re old, we’ll say (and he put on a shaky old man voice) “Well, we finally paid off the mortgage”. Thirty years was longer than they had even lived by that point. It was hard to imagine being that old and having the mortgage paid off! Continue reading

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I Didn’t Come Here to Dust!

A few years ago, a work colleague told me about helping her mother move into an independent living facility.  One day my friend mentioned to her mother that she should have fewer knickknacks as they just gather dust.  Her mother … Continue reading

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How to Move Your Parents into an Assisted Living Facility

Moving your parents into an assisted living facility takes advance planning. You can begin at any time to prepare yourself to choose a facility and be ready to move your parents when the time is right. The more planning you do before the crisis, the easier it will be to follow through with a move that will meet your parents’ needs. Mom may be ready before you expect her to agree or maybe something will happen to mom or dad that will cause a crisis leading to the need for an immediate move to assisted living. Either way, you can be prepared. Continue reading

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The Phone Call I had been Dreading Came that Night

Because of her dementia and dad’s Alzheimer’s, neither remembered by the next day that she had even fallen. Dad didn’t understand why mom wasn’t in the room with him. Mom wasn’t sure why she was in the hospital. The x-rays showed she had a fractured hip and would need surgery.

I told her they wanted to operate on her broken hip. She said OK. I told her she needed to understand that this was a serious operation and that at age 90 she could die from the surgery. She said: “I’m 90 years old. What do you expect”? Tears started to run down my face as I said :”OK, mom. I will tell the surgeon it is OK to operate.” Continue reading

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