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Senior Living Options – Independent Living Communities

When I was trying to help my parents choose between senior living options, I visited many facilities from totally independent communities through assisted living facilities.  It took me awhile to realize there were legal differences between types of communities and … Continue reading

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A Frail Independent Mentally Alert 94-Year Old Woman – Who Decides Where She Should Live?

My 94-year-old neighbor, Casey. is one of the most active people I know.  She is up and in her garden early in the morning before I am even out of bed.  She belongs to 4 bridge groups and plays many … Continue reading

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Living in an Assisted Living Facility

For several months, I stayed in the same long term facility as my father after mom passed away. This gave me the opportunity to observe the daily life in an assisted living facility. I learned that the staff really cared about the residents and gave the type of care I wanted him to have. I saw residents participate in optional activities such as trips to malls, grocery stores and restaurants. Even with dad’s Alzheimer’s disease he was happy and functioned well in this environment.

I felt that dad adjusted very well to assisted living right from the start, and I credited the well trained staff for much of that. I was very thankful that dad was already in an assisted living facility when mom fell. I don’t know how I would have taken care of his needs while simultaneously tending to mom’s needs and all the medical decisions that came along with her steep decline. Even mom repeatedly stated how glad she was that dad was taken care of. “God was watching over us”, she said. Continue reading

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A Large Assisted Living Facility – Advantages and Disadvantages

In my last post, I described how I finally was able to move mom and dad to an assisted living facility (ALF).  They did very well in their new home, though it took at least a month for them to adjust … Continue reading

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